Circus Vargas: Cruelty-Free Fun (plus Ticket Discounts)

My favorite circus has to be Circus Vargas, and I’ll tell you why. Or just skip down for my roundup of Circus Vargas ticket deals for their new show Mr. V’s Big Top Dream.

Circus Vargas ticket discounts are now available for shows in Temecula, National City, Escondido, and Ontario California. Also, stay tuned for deals on Circus Vargas coming soon to other cities near you.

First, this California-based circus brings back the thrill of the traditional traveling circus, which I find lacking in many circuses today.

Second, they know how to make the circus exciting without exploiting animals. Gotta love that. Also, Circus Vargas isn’t a big corporate operation, they are a multi-generational family operation. And besides, the kids love the show, which is the best reason of all.

Full disclosure: A few years ago, the folks at Circus Vargas asked me to work with them to offer a special discount for Bang Cities readers. But two days into the promotion, they called back and asked me to stop. Turns out they were not set up to handle quite so many Bang readers calling to order tickets (and as a blogger, I don’t process ticket sales).

No matter, I’m still going to tell you how to get the best ticket price, which is currently from a successful SoCal ticket discount company that I often recommend.

No coupon or code is needed to order half price tickets online. Like many savvy companies, Circus Vargas works with others to help fill seats and create new circus fans.

I have purchased tickets from this deal source many times and confidently recommend them, although I do hope Circus Vargas will someday offer us a deal directly for savvy California readers.

Bang’ Circus Vargas Tips

Free Pre-Show

Show up early for the Free Interactive Pre-Show. The performers are very kid-friendly.

They will invite kids of all ages into the center ring to clown around under the Big Top, with a crash course in juggling, feather balancing, and hula-hooping.

Audience Participation

In the beginning, a few children are invited into the ring to get into the act. And throughout the performance, performers engage the audience as a whole. You can see in their response to the show.


If you like to pick up little gift items and circus-themed toys, plan ahead — you’ll find plenty to choose from. Also, you’ll see a photographer walking around and can take home a souvenir photo for around $10, last checked.

Show programs are $5, but you can get a circus member to autograph them at the end of the show if you like.

Circus Vargas Discount Tickets: Mr V’s Big Top Dream

NOTE: No coupon is needed for these big discounts for the shows. Follow the link below for your city to find out how to get tickets.

UPDATE: Check back later for future show info. 

About This Discount Ticket Source

To access the deals above, follow my referral link to the ticket deal source. You’ll be asked to sign up for e-updates in your city, if you haven’t already (but you can unsubscribe easily whenever you want).

If You Don’t See the Discount for Your City

The discount tickets come and go quickly, so if you don’t see links for your city above, do a search on the ticket deal website and if they don’t have what you’re looking for, check back soon because they often add a few cheap tickets at a time for each location.

You can also set up an e-alert to get an email as soon as Circus Vargas discount tickets are available again for your city. Alerts work for other event discounts you like, too.

Bang’ Tip: Circus Vargas tours various cities and sells full price tickets directly on their own website, if you miss the discount.

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