Christmas Day in SoCal: What’s Open?

Here’s what’s open on Christmas Day in Southern California

If you’re spending Christmas Day in Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego, you might be wondering what’s open and what activities are available. Since it’s a holiday, most places will be closed, but don’t worry – there are still plenty of options for fun things to do in Southern California.

From festive events to outdoor adventures, SoCal cities offer a range of activities that can make your Christmas Day memorable. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly attractions, delicious dining options, or unique experiences, there’s something for everyone.

Please note that it’s always a good idea to double-check with the venues for any last-minute updates or changes in operating hours. Also, if you have any recommendations or know of other exciting events happening on Christmas Day in Southern California, feel free to share them with me so I can add them to the list!

Christmas Day Events in Southern California

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Southern California is known for its vibrant holiday spirit, and Christmas Day is no exception. While many places close their doors to celebrate with family and friends, there are still plenty of events happening throughout the region. Whether you’re looking for a festive activity or simply want to soak up the holiday atmosphere, here are some options to consider:

  1. Christmas Lights Displays: Take a leisurely drive through neighborhoods like Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills or Sleepy Hollow in Torrance to marvel at the dazzling light displays. Don’t forget your camera – these streets transform into winter wonderlands that are perfect for capturing magical moments.
  2. Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks: Lace up your skates and hit the ice at one of Southern California’s outdoor rinks. From Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles to Irvine Spectrum Center, these temporary rinks offer a fun-filled experience for all ages. Bundle up and enjoy gliding across the ice under twinkling lights.
  3. Theme Park Celebrations: Several theme parks in Southern California remain open on Christmas Day, offering special holiday-themed events and attractions. Disneyland Resort transforms into a winter wonderland with festive decorations, parades, and live entertainment that will leave you feeling merry and bright.
  4. Beachside Festivities: Embrace the unique SoCal lifestyle by spending Christmas Day at one of the many beach communities along the coast. From Santa Monica Pier’s Winter Wonderland to Newport Beach’s annual Christmas Boat Parade, there’s no shortage of coastal celebrations to enjoy.
  5. Holiday Markets: Explore local artisans’ creations at various holiday markets held throughout Southern California during this time of year. These markets often feature handmade crafts, delicious food vendors, and live entertainment – making them an ideal destination for finding unique gifts while supporting local businesses.
  6. Charitable Activities: Spread goodwill on Christmas Day by volunteering at local shelters, food banks, or community centers. Many organizations offer special volunteer opportunities during the holiday season, allowing you to make a difference in someone’s life while embracing the true spirit of Christmas.

Remember to check event details and opening hours before heading out, as some activities may have specific restrictions or limited availability. Whether you choose to explore festive light displays, hit the ice at an outdoor rink, or give back to the community through volunteering, Southern California offers a wide range of options for celebrating Christmas Day in style.

Restaurants Open on Christmas Day in SoCal

If you’re spending Christmas Day in Southern California and don’t feel like cooking, you’re in luck! Many restaurants in the area choose to stay open on this holiday, offering a variety of dining options for locals and visitors alike. Here are some of the top restaurants open on Christmas Day in SoCal:

1. The Ivy

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, The Ivy is known for its upscale atmosphere and delicious American cuisine. On Christmas Day, they offer a special holiday menu featuring classic dishes with a twist. Treat yourself to their signature lobster bisque or indulge in their famous truffle roasted chicken.

2. Herringbone Santa Monica(Permanently closed)

If you’re craving seafood this Christmas, head to Herringbone Santa Monica. This trendy restaurant offers an extensive selection of fresh seafood dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. From oysters on the half shell to grilled whole fish, there’s something for every seafood lover here.

3. The Ranch Restaurant & Saloon

For a taste of Southern hospitality on Christmas Day, visit The Ranch Restaurant & Saloon in Anaheim. This rustic yet elegant eatery serves up hearty American fare with a contemporary twist. Enjoy their mouthwatering prime rib or savor their flavorful roasted duck – both perfect choices for a festive meal.

4. Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine(Permanently closed)

Escape to the islands without leaving California at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine in Newport Beach. On Christmas Day, they offer their regular menu along with some seasonal specials that blend traditional Hawaiian flavors with modern culinary techniques. Don’t miss out on trying their acclaimed misoyaki butterfish or decadent chocolate sou

Shopping Opportunities on Christmas Day in SoCal

When it comes to shopping on Christmas Day in Southern California (SoCal), you may be surprised by the number of options available. While many businesses choose to close their doors for the holiday, there are still some shopping opportunities for those who need to pick up last-minute gifts or simply enjoy a day of browsing.

Here are a few places you can visit if you find yourself needing to shop on Christmas Day in SoCal:

  1. Convenience Stores: Many convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven and Circle K, remain open 24/7 throughout the year, including on Christmas Day. These stores typically offer a variety of items, from snacks and drinks to basic household supplies.
  2. Pharmacies: Several pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS stay open on Christmas Day, providing an excellent option for picking up any necessary medications or health-related products. Additionally, they often carry a selection of small gifts and stocking stuffers that can come in handy during the holiday season.
  3. Gas Stations: If you’re out and about running errands or traveling during Christmas Day, gas stations are usually open for business as well. This is especially convenient if you need to refuel your vehicle before heading back home or continuing your journey.
  4. Online Retailers: While brick-and-mortar stores may have limited hours on Christmas Day, online retailers never sleep! You can take advantage of websites like Amazon or eBay that operate around the clock, offering an extensive range of products that can be delivered right to your doorstep.
  5. Hotel Shops: If you happen to be staying at a hotel over the holidays, check out their onsite shops as they often remain open even on Christmas Day. You might find unique souvenirs or luxurious items that make great gifts for loved ones back home.

It’s important to note that while these options provide some shopping opportunities on Christmas Day, it’s always a good idea to call ahead or check online for specific store hours. Availability may vary depending on the location and individual store policies.

Although SoCal tends to be quieter on Christmas Day as people gather with family and friends, you can still find a few places open if you need to fulfill any shopping needs. Whether it’s grabbing a snack, picking up medication, or finding that perfect last-minute gift, these options ensure that you’re not left empty-handed on this special holiday.

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy on Christmas Day in SoCal

Looking for outdoor activities to make your Christmas Day in Southern California memorable? Well, you’re in luck! The region offers a plethora of options to enjoy the holiday season while basking in the sunny weather. Here are a few ideas that will keep you entertained and help you embrace the festive spirit:

  1. Beach Picnic: What better way to spend Christmas than soaking up some sun at one of SoCal’s beautiful beaches? Pack a picnic basket with your favorite holiday treats and head out for a day of relaxation by the ocean. Enjoy the sound of crashing waves, build sandcastles, or even take a refreshing swim if you’re feeling adventurous.
  2. Hiking Adventures: Lace up your hiking boots and explore Southern California’s stunning natural landscapes. From scenic trails along coastal bluffs to challenging mountain treks, there’s something for every level of hiker. Take in breathtaking views, spot native wildlife, and immerse yourself in nature as you embark on an exhilarating Christmas adventure.
  3. Bike Rides: With its mild climate, Southern California is perfect for exploring on two wheels. Grab your bike and hit the open road or cruise along dedicated bike paths that wind through picturesque parks and neighborhoods. Whether you prefer leisurely rides or more intense cycling routes, this is a fantastic way to stay active and appreciate the scenery.
  4. Christmas Lights Tour: Experience the magic of Christmas through dazzling light displays across SoCal neighborhoods. Many communities go all out with their festive decorations, transforming streets into winter wonderlands. Take an evening drive or join a guided tour to marvel at sparkling lights, elaborate decorations, and beautifully adorned homes.
  5. Botanical Garden Stroll: Escape from bustling city life by visiting one of Southern California’s enchanting botanical gardens. Wander through lush greenery adorned with vibrant flowers and discover serene pathways that lead to hidden corners of tranquility. Many gardens also host special Christmas events, adding an extra touch of holiday cheer to your visit.

Remember, while enjoying outdoor activities on Christmas Day in SoCal, it’s important to respect nature and follow any local regulations or guidelines. Pack sunscreen, stay hydrated, and have a backup plan in case of unexpected weather changes. Embrace the unique charm of celebrating Christmas under sunny skies and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Family-Friendly Attractions for Christmas Day in SoCal

If you’re spending Christmas Day in Southern California, there are plenty of family-friendly attractions to keep everyone entertained. From festive events to outdoor adventures, here are some activities that will make your holiday memorable:

  1. Visit Theme Parks: Many theme parks in SoCal stay open on Christmas Day, offering special holiday-themed attractions and entertainment. Disneyland Resort is a popular choice, with its magical decorations and festive parades. Universal Studios Hollywood also transforms into a winter wonderland with snowfall and enchanting shows.
  2. Explore Outdoor Festivals: Enjoy the sunny weather by attending one of the many outdoor festivals happening in SoCal during Christmas. The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside hosts an extravagant Festival of Lights featuring millions of twinkling lights, horse-drawn carriage rides, and live performances.
  3. Experience Winter Activities: While Southern California may not have snowy landscapes, you can still experience winter activities like ice skating at various seasonal rinks set up across the region. The Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles offers a picturesque setting for gliding on ice.
  4. Take a Trip to Santa’s Village: Located in Lake Arrowhead, Santa’s Village is a charming family-friendly attraction that brings the magic of Christmas to life. Explore Santa’s workshop, enjoy thrilling rides, meet reindeer, and indulge in tasty treats at this whimsical destination.
  5. Enjoy Beachside Fun: With its mild climate even during winter months, SoCal’s beaches offer an ideal spot for some fun under the sun on Christmas Day. Build sandcastles, play beach volleyball or simply relax while enjoying stunning ocean views.

Remember to check each attraction’s website or call ahead for specific operating hours and any additional COVID-19 safety measures they may have implemented.

So whether you prefer thrilling rides at theme parks or serene moments by the beach, Southern California has something for everyone on Christmas Day. Embrace the holiday spirit and create lasting memories with your loved ones at these family-friendly attractions.

Final Thoughts On Christmas Day in SoCal

To wrap up, Christmas Day in SoCal offers a unique blend of festive activities and opportunities to enjoy the holiday season. From exploring dazzling light displays to indulging in delicious meals, there’s something for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  1. Many popular attractions and destinations in Southern California remain open on Christmas Day, allowing visitors and residents alike to make the most of the holiday. Theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios offer special events and entertainment, while outdoor spaces like beaches and hiking trails provide opportunities for relaxation and recreation.
  2. Restaurants throughout SoCal cater to those looking for a memorable dining experience on Christmas Day. From traditional turkey dinners to inventive fusion cuisines, there is no shortage of options available. Reservations are often recommended due to high demand.
  3. Shopping enthusiasts can take advantage of post-holiday sales as many malls and retail stores open their doors on December 25th. Whether you’re seeking last-minute gifts or simply want to browse the sales racks, you’ll find plenty of options at your disposal.
  4. For those seeking a spiritual experience, attending a Christmas Day church service can provide solace and reflection amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Many churches offer special services with hymns, sermons, and candlelight ceremonies.
  5. It’s important to plan ahead when venturing out on Christmas Day as some businesses may have modified hours or limited availability during this time. Checking websites or calling ahead can help ensure a smooth outing without any disappointments.

Remember that while many establishments remain open on Christmas Day in SoCal, it’s also an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones, relax at home, or engage in personal traditions that bring joy during this festive time of year.

So whether you choose to embrace the excitement of theme parks or opt for a more laid-back day by the beach, there are endless possibilities for creating cherished memories on Christmas Day in SoCal.

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