10 Best Pet-Friendly Houseboat Rentals In Florida

The world of vacation rentals has been evolving, and one of the latest trends is the rise of pet-friendly accommodations. People are increasingly looking for ways to include their beloved furry friends in their travel plans, and houseboat rentals have become a popular option for pet owners.

Traveling on a houseboat allows you to enjoy the water while providing your pet with a unique and exciting experience. In this blog post, we will explore the best pet-friendly houseboat rentals in Florida and why finding pet-friendly accommodations is essential for pet owners.

Best Pet-Friendly Houseboat Rentals In Florida

Here are 10 great pet-friendly houseboat rental options in Florida:

1. Genuine Floating Home on Hutchinson Island

This genuine floating home is located in Causeway Cove Marina on Hutchinson Island. With 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a full kitchen, washer/dryer, and a deck, it has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Located just over the bridge from historic downtown Fort Pierce, known for shopping, restaurants, and microbreweries, you’ll have plenty to do on land. At the marina, you can swim, rent boats/jet skis, kayak, and relax at the Wet Whistle bar overlooking the water. With room to sleep 6, this is great for a romantic getaway or small group.

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2. Houseboat Shanty on St Johns River Florida

Escape to nature on this secluded houseboat, located on a private dock in the Ocala National Forest. Surrounded by wildlife like alligators, eagles, and manatees, feed turtles right from the dock or kayak through lush mangroves. With an outdoor shower, grill, and rustic, cozy interior, this boat oozes charm. Located only 10 minutes from restaurants and nightlife, you can easily get a taste of small town Florida too. With space for 4 guests, pets will love indoor/outdoor living.

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3. Last Minute Discount! 48′ Yacht at Perry Hotel Marina

Docked at the beautiful Perry Hotel & Marina in Key West, this spacious 48-foot yacht has 4 bedrooms with en-suite baths that can accommodate up to 9 guests. With a fully-equipped kitchen, large living spaces, underwater viewing windows, and a resort location with pools and restaurants, this yacht rental is first-class. Enjoy a discounted sunset sail or day/overnight excursions on the water (additional cost). Pets will love the ample indoor and outdoor space.

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4. Luxury One of a Kind Getaway – Home A Wave

Offering a luxury floating home experience, Home A Wave is docked at a marina in Key West. This beautifully decorated 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath rental has a kitchenette, washer/dryer, and outdoor play area. With space to sleep 4 guests, there is plenty of room for pets too. Located in a prime spot to enjoy sunsets and ocean views, this rental is ideal for a glamorous escape.

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5. A Piece of the Sea

Anchor yourself in paradise on this 2 bedroom Key West houseboat rental. Located in a secluded cove close to the base marina, the boat offers indoor and outdoor living space. With room to sleep 3 guests, pets will love sunbathing on deck and watching dolphins swim by. Rent kayaks to explore or use the outdoor grill for fresh catches. Old-Florida charm awaits.

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6. Extreme Naples Charters – “Sand Ray”

Docked at Port of the Isles near Naples, Florida, this 2 bedroom, 2 bath yacht provides a spacious home on the water. It is located within 30 minutes of popular destinations like Naples, Marco Island, and the Everglades. With room for 6 guests, there is plenty of space for pets. Cruise options are also available with the owner captain!

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7. This Is a One of A Kind Adventure! Historic, Restored Thompson Trawler Yacht!

Step back in time on this 44-foot vintage trawler yacht, docked in Fort Myers. After a full restoration, this unique 1976 boat has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and abundant indoor and outdoor space for pets and guests. Offering a memorable vintage boating experience, you can fish, grill meals, and stargaze on the upper deck. Pets will love this nautical adventure.

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8. Endless Summer in Downtown St. Augustine

Located just outside downtown St. Augustine, this cozy 30-foot sailboat offers a unique place to stay with pets. With 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and space to sleep 3 guests, this boat provides an affordable floating home base. Pets can relax on deck and watch dolphins and gorgeous sunsets on the San Sebastian River. Walk to attractions downtown or rent kayaks for ocean fun.

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9. 65′ Houseboat Motor Yacht on 165′ Private Canal

Docked on a private canal near Fort Lauderdale, this accessible 3 bedroom houseboat has ample amenities like kayaks, bikes, a hot tub, and an interior lift. With room for 6 guests, there is abundant indoor and outdoor space for pets. All proceeds from your rental support a charity for people with disabilities.

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10. Luxury Yacht, Romantic Nights in Aventura

Treat your pet to a taste of the luxe life on this Aventura luxury yacht rental. Offering 2 bedrooms near restaurants and attractions in a resort area, this rental offers amenities like a kitchen, AC, bedding, and more. Enjoy romantic evenings under the stars then head ashore to explore Miami by day. This yacht is a glamorous home base for city fun.

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Tips for Pet-Friendly Houseboat Vacations

When planning a houseboat vacation with your furry friend, it’s important to make sure that both you and your pet have a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some helpful tips to ensure a successful pet-friendly houseboat vacation:

1. Preparing Your Dog for a Houseboat Vacation

Before embarking on your houseboat adventure, consider these preparation steps for your dog:

  • Gradually introduce your dog to the boat. Start by allowing them to explore the boat while it’s docked or on the trailer. This will help them get used to the surroundings before setting sail.
  • Familiarize your dog with a life preserver. It’s important for your pet to have a properly fitted and comfortable life preserver while on the water. Introduce them to wearing it at home prior to the trip.
  • Practice lifting your dog out of the water. Ensure you can easily lift your dog out of the water using the handle on their life preserver. This is important in case of emergency situations.
  • Consider your dog’s comfort. Bring along familiar items such as their favorite toy, blanket, or bed to make them feel more at ease in the new environment.

2. Essential Items to Bring for Your Pet

To ensure your pet’s safety and enjoyment during the houseboat vacation, be sure to pack these essential items:

  • Pet flotation device (PFD): Each pet on board should have their own properly fitted PFD. Practice having your pet wear it before the trip to ensure they are comfortable.
  • Food and water: Bring enough food and water for the duration of the trip, and consider bringing extra in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Pet-friendly first aid kit: Just like humans, pets can experience minor injuries or illnesses. Pack a first aid kit specifically designed for pets to provide any necessary medical attention during the trip.
  • Leash or harness: Compliance with local leash laws is important, even while on a houseboat. Be sure to have a leash or harness on hand for when your pet needs to be restrained outside the boat.
  • Dog ramp or ladder: A dog ramp or ladder can help your pet easily get in and out of the water. This is especially useful for older or overweight dogs who may have difficulty climbing.
  • Proper paperwork: Ensure you have up-to-date vaccination records and any other required documentation for your pet. This may be necessary depending on the houseboat rental policy.

By following these tips and planning ahead, you can enjoy a memorable and pet-friendly houseboat vacation in Florida. Don’t forget to check the specific pet policies and regulations of the houseboat rental company you choose for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Final Thoughts on Pet-Friendly Houseboat Rentals In Florida

Pet-friendly houseboat rentals in Florida offer a unique and enjoyable vacation experience for both pet owners and their furry companions. These rentals provide numerous benefits, including the comfort and convenience of bringing your pet along, enhanced bonding experiences, and a sense of relaxation and stress relief.

When choosing a pet-friendly houseboat rental, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the boat, the location, and the amenities offered. By planning ahead and booking in advance, you can ensure a memorable and enjoyable houseboat vacation with your pet in the beautiful waters of Florida.

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